I have to say that everyone on this planet at some point has struggled to come out of where they feel most comfortable. I include myself in this. It is far too easy to stay inside the bubble we all feel most safe. I’ve not always been that great at straying from the feeling of safety. It does not make us an exception, not at all. We are all in the same boat as millions of others around the world. I will be honest with you I was quite happy living life within my comfort zone, but it was becoming a little boring and unfulfilling

We have all heard the term “You need to get out of your comfort zone” but what does it mean?

Well, it quite literally means do the things that push you from normality. If you Google search it, what it will tell you, is that it is a place where you find you are at ease, safe and with no stress. Other searches I did explain that it is a state of mind where you feel in control of your environment without feeling any anxiety.

I am going with the fact that it is a state of mind. When you step out of your comfort zone you are going to feel uncomfortable and become anxious. It’s a natural progression of things. You cannot do things you are unfamiliar about without these feelings. However, when stress is present you become focused and have high levels of concentration. 

A comfort zone is a great place, but nothing is ever grown there

It won’t be easy and you have to put real effort into jumping out of your bubble. an example is getting up earlier than normal so you can get extra things done, or go for a run before anyone else is up.

Another example is you may want to give something up that you have been addicted too. It’s going to be daunting and difficult, to begin with. It will have withdrawal effects which will tempt you back into the comfort of the bubble. It is there to test your mental strength.

Reasons why you must step

out of your comfort zone


We need growth as it is one of the fundamentals of life. All the high achieving people practically live their whole lives in the growth zone. They have conquered living quite comfortably in the uncomfortable and taking control of it


When you leave the comfort zone behind you begin to get a sense of motion pushing you. It’s a force which is pretty much unstoppable. It has been built up from the little gains you make. When these little gains have collaborated together they become your driving power.

Eliminate Fear

The voice in your head will give you a dozen reasons as to why, whatever your new venture is will fail. The good thing is you can control these thoughts and make it work in your favour. What you cannot do though is leave it to sort its self out, otherwise, it is always going to work against you.

When you start to take control of the voice you will realise soon enough how powerful it can be in the fight to help you achieve your goals. It will turn the tide in your favour and procrastination will be gone forever.

It’s going to be a hard slog, to begin with, but you have to expect that. You are doing something you have never done before. The more you push those boundaries, the more you try different things and the more you get up again after a knockdown the easier it will become and you are going to see the results you want.


How many of you think about what you have achieved in life, then think it I wish it was so much more. Too many people say I will do that tomorrow or next week. Then when that day comes they put it off again. There is one thing we all know will happen, we will all die at some point. What we do not know is when it will happen to us. Until that day we do have control over what happens on a daily basis. We can sit back and wait to die or we can fulfil our lives so that we are satisfied we have made the most of it and achieved everything we set out to do.

You, Will, Have An Impact On Others

Each time you step outside of your comfort zone and achieve what you have aimed for, you will become noticed. People will look up to and admire you. As you do with others who inspire you. 

They will look at you with a great sense of awe. You will hear others say “I wish I was like them”

You will attract only those who want to help you succeed in becoming the best version of yourself. You will inspire others to follow and then they will make positive steps with their own lives, which in turn will give you an enormous boost of wellbeing

The best version of you is there

Your dreams are there for the taking

What the hell are you waiting for?

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