You know when you get asked to do something by your other half and you say “yeah OK I’ll do that when I next have a day off” I’m talking about everyday things that we have to do like the washing or tidying the house, no this is the bigger stuff like fixing a cupboard or putting a shelf up, or even bigger than that decorating perhaps.

We all get them. Jobs we keep putting off. I am no exception.

Just Because We Said We Will Do It!

Doesn’t Mean We Need Reminding Every Six Months!

You guessed it six months is up now and it’s still not done.

Now my scenario is decorating. We moved into our house two years ago and we still have not unpacked every box yet. Slow I know. Now in my defence, the house was in a pretty bad way in terms of the last time it saw any form of paint was probably the day it was finished being built. Circa 1949.

So great we have a new project and we go off running to the shops like it was the end of the world. All paint bought, all tools bought from paintbrush to heat guns for stripping old paint, sorted now we can start the renovation of every single wall in our somewhat large house by the sea.

Everything went into the shed with its own designated shelf primed for the next couple of days we have off.

That was a year and a half ago and the paint plus all the gear are still in the shed untouched. What was the issue? Well, the very next time we had some decent time off together the weather just happened to be fantastic. It was just not an opportunity to be missed so we buggered off to the beach.


One Thing Led To Another

I don’t mean in a rude way, I mean that every time we had time to do the much needed decorating it got put off in favour of something better. We went on holiday, then we spent time away in a caravan which we had bought. Before long other things which needed doing around the house were also being side-lined. It’s not that we are lazy, it’s we were prioritising other things which were easier and more pleasing to do. No matter how much we put it all off sooner or later it had to be done whether we liked it or not.

OMG! You Have never Seen Anything Like It

Why the hell did we not do this when we said we were going to

do it?

The place is falling apart!


Eventually, we got around to putting paint onto a wall etc, only to regret not having done it when we should have. It was now winter and very cold, including the walls. cold walls meant damp walls, which meant that without allowing them to dry out properly (solid walls) the paint didn’t stick too well. We had to start every day with full-blown inferno central heating going. Half the day was wasted just by this so in all the project of a nicely decorated house has taken us twice as long. More sweat, more tears, mainly mine as I kept dropping things like a whole tin of paint. 

That said we have now finished, with the exception of a few bits to be done. I’ll get around to them sometime in the near future. This end result is what we expected and is a job well done. 

What You Put In You Get Back

We all too often put things off and say I will do that tomorrow or next week. Only when that time comes we then put it off again and think of another excuse as to why we aren’t or haven’t done the said thing. This can be said for every area of your life. You may have promised to start at the gym with a friend, so when the friend says ” are you ready let’s go” you are full of reasons why you’re not going to make it this week.

As humans, it is built in us to take the easy route for everything. We cannot get away from it. This is the reason it takes a hell of a lot of effort to do the things which will benefit us in the long run. I’m sure everyone is aware of the benefits of going to the gym. The benefits of the hard work we put into making our home nice have paid off. We can now sit and enjoy what has been created.

A lot of things just like our decorating will still have to be done no matter how many times we put it off unless you are fortunate enough to have someone do it for you. I know many do. It’s far too easy to say “I will start that next” A week. A new project, a diet, quit smoking, quit drinking. The list goes on.

“If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.”

T. Harv Eker

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