So it would appear that the world has indeed closed for business, with millions of people around the globe being affected by something we cannot even see. Well unless you have a really expensive microscope that is.

It has one for a better phrase “thrown a spanner in the works”

For some, this has truly messed up plans. My diary for 2020 is all but redundant as places I was going to go to and events on my to-do list have all been cancelled. But enough about my cancelled plans, I’ll get over it!

How is everyone doing?

It’s all a bit surreal, being told that we cannot stand next to someone in the street, most of the shops are shut and we cannot even go for a night out as the pubs and bars are bloody closed too. I bet the first night they are open will seem weird too but boy will it be a bloody good night out.

It’s all starting to feel like one long weekend. I’ve lost track of days as one roll’s into the next.

Some of us have realized that we can actually work from home, and possibly get more done than you normally would, especially as you can pretty much wear what you want for work.

Others are screaming at the kids and pulling their hair out, realizing the teacher was not the problem all along.

Quite a few though are in the vulnerable category and are possibly finding it harder than others.

Whichever group you find yourself in you may have your own struggles. You may find that you’re not able to maintain a daily routine, or you become anxious and overwhelmed.

Sometimes the simple things that would ordinarily not be an issue suddenly become a problem and you feel that you need extra effort to do them.

Loneliness can takeover if you live alone so you then spend day after day scrolling through Facebook and Twitter.

It Can All Be An Emotional Rollercoaster

One minute you are nice calm, relaxed and ready to take on the world, then the next your screaming your head off and firing lasers at anything that moves.

The days become one long drag with a foggy haze lingering over it. All you want is for everything to go back to fucking normal.

Let’s face it the novelty may be wearing off a little. The thought of not having to get up so early for work is great, but we can also get into a pattern of being lazy and start to think less about ourselves.

There Is Some Good Happening

It’s human nature to help others and it’s like that because when we help another person it makes us feel good inside. This has never been more poignant than in this current situation, with the support we are giving to our front line and keyworkers.

I find it absolutely amazing that we are finding time to unite as one and become a community again. Standing in a queue for the supermarket has become a new experience whereas we go out of our way to have a conversation with those who are either in front or behind. This alone is making us realize that we are not the only ones on the planet.

Nobody is running around at 100mph so we have time to take note of our surroundings and nature. 

It’s All In The Detail

One thing which will help you is to be mindful of what is around you. It is a very powerful tool to help us stay in the now.

You can do this pretty much anywhere, providing its safe to do so. 

So whilst you’re out just take a moment to absorb the things around you, notice all the details in a building say or a tree if in a park.

If you’re sat in the garden close your eyes, just observe the smells and sounds.

Appreciate everything you see or feel. 

Whilst this is going on breathe in and out slowly, in a controlled manner. 

If you are inside the house turn the TV off put the phone out of reach and sit in silence for a few minutes. Focus on the environment and appreciate it.

You can do this as many times as you wish to and could even become part of your daily routine. Mindfulness exercises are a great way to relieve everyday stress and anxiety. 

During this time of everything uncertain, it is crucial that you stay focused. This will get you through this. 

With this, I am offering anyone a one-off session of 45 minutes for £30. There is no commitment after this and you can pick my brain and knowledge about how to cope with the lockdown. 

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