I work with the majority of my clients work online or over the phone which enables me to keep my fees down which is good for everyone. However, I will work 1:2:1 with visits to clients in their home or somewhere convenient within a 20-mile radius. When working with me online this will be via a video chat such as zoom.

Upon enquiry, there will be an initial consultation of approx half an hour. This is free and is designed to find out a bit more about you and how best I can help you reach your end goal.  A session will last for 50 mins and can be booked. Included with each coaching package is email support between sessions. This can be booked as a single one-off session or you can book one of the three packages I offer. All details that you provide are kept with the strictest confidence in accordance with the data protection act. No information will be shared with anyone unless I obtain your consent.

I offer 3 different packages 1 month,  3 months and 6 months along with a focused package which is bespoke and all are individually tailored to you. All packages can be customizable to fit your budget and needs. I also offer a one-off session if this is what you are after. I have endeavoured to make coaching available to most people and I continue to review my prices in line with others. I pride myself on delivering outstanding service and experience to everyone whom I coach.

You are Investing in Yourself

What does investing in yourself actually cost? Let me ask you the question if you had a life-threatening illness where the only treatment was available if you paid for it yourself, you’d find the money somehow right? you may sell your house, borrow from the bank or get your family and friends to rally around!

Now with coaching, you don’t need to do any of this, if you did then we would need to talk about that too. What I will say though is that when you invest in yourself it will be one of the best things you have ever done. 

How many times have you paid up for something only to not take the full benefits of it like joining a gym or a club? If you drive have you considered how much it cost a year to run your car, service it gets it through its MOT?

Personal development is an experience which will change your life. It is money well spent. When people think about changing it can be a daunting thought so they keep going the same as they always have done.

If you keep doing what you have always done then you are always going to get what you have always got

When people find it hard to justify investing money for personal development it is because they cannot see it as a quick fix. You invest in yourself in other ways which are a quick fix for example you go and get your hair cut to look good, don’t you? You like to look your best to go out for the night so you might go and buy a new outfit for the occasion. These are just a couple of quick fixes to make you feel good. In reality, these are only short term for the feel-good factor

Personal development is for life. I have invested a lot of time in myself to become a fully certified coach and continue to do so. this means that I can give you the very best service and a commitment to give you the very best value for money.